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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He writes a biweekly column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

2-19-18 Compassion

The sight of Nancy Pelosi preaching for over 8 hours on the House floor the other day was a bit much. She believes that Christian compassion requires one to support full amnesty for illegal immigrant children, their parents, aunts, uncles, and 3rd cousins. I would like to challenge that notion.

First of all, the Bible teaches that we should obey the laws of the land, even laws that we don’t like. I don’t like paying taxes. Our nation’s immigration laws are not immoral; therefore, I don’t think that Christian conscience can be used as an excuse for disobeying them. In fact, I would argue that it’s unchristian to support and encourage those who presumptuously break the law.

How do you then show compassion to the illegal immigrant and help him? I believe that you teach him the Christian principles of repentance, confession, and restitution. He should be counseled to go to his employer and local immigration official and confess that he did wrong by coming here illegally. He should then ask what he should do to make it right. It’s possible that grace would be shown under such circumstances. If not, you willingly accept the consequences of your actions.

Beware of Christian compassion devoid of truth. If you looked outwardly at our Lord’s disciples you would think that Judas Iscariot was the most compassionate of the twelve. He asked, “Why wasn’t this ointment [that was poured on Jesus] sold and given to the poor?” Compassion can sometimes be used as a cover for greed, power, and control.

By the way, there’s no illegal entry into Heaven. We must all come by way of the cross. God loves you and I’m trying.

1-29-18 Immigration

What’s your opinion of those who cheat by cutting ahead of others waiting patiently in line? That’s how I feel about illegal immigrants. What’s worse, many then demand and are given a full complement of government welfare benefits designed to help the poor of our own country. It’s little wonder why many of us have had enough. Deport them like any other country would do and secure the border.

Does that mean that I’m against immigration? No. I’m for immigration, only make it legal and according to our needs as a nation. Also, being a compassionate nation, that should include a manageable number of persecuted refugees that have waited in camps for years to come here legally. They tend to appreciate America and make good citizens. It’s simple; we should welcome legal immigrants, and tell the illegals to go to the end of the line.

As long as we keep granting amnesty to those here illegally, the problem will never be solved. DACA may sound like the right thing to do, but it simply means that the next batch of illegals will come believing that they too, in time, will get amnesty.

It seems to me that enforcement of the E-Verify system for employment would go a long way toward solving the problem. I know some don’t want more government regulation, but sometimes it’s necessary. Make it illegal and subject to penalty for employers to hire people without a verifiable SS number, or green card. Without employment, illegals would have little incentive to be here.

Democrats are disingenuous on this issue and here’s why. If illegal immigrants voted 3 to 1 Republican instead of 3 to 1 Democrat, I guarantee you the Dems would be doing all they could to stop it. Their goal, as Ann Coulter has rightly pointed out, is to make every swing state like California, where conservatives have no chance. That would be very unhealthy for the nation. Much is at stake in the immigration debate; that’s why compromise is difficult. You could be compromising away the future.

God loves you and I’m trying.

1-15-18 Derangement

“Trump Derangement Syndrome” is a fitting description of those who cannot accept the fact that Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the left-wing media, Hollywood, and the deep state to become the 45th President of The United States. He is now busy fulfilling his campaign promises (proving he’s not a politician) systematically dismantling the Obama legacy. His success and in-your-face tweets drive the left crazy.

Well, now you know how we felt for 8 years under President Obama, although I don’t think we carried on so. Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently offered a possible explanation. He believes that for many liberals (and having worked at MSNBC he knows a few) politics and the implementation of a left-wing agenda is their religion. That’s why they become unhinged when their political hopes are dashed.

On the other hand, those who have a saving and satisfying faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ can take it all in stride. It doesn’t so much matter who’s in the Oval Office so long as Christ is on the throne in heaven and (hopefully) on the throne of our lives. We then can keep everything in its proper order: God, family, church, work, community, and last government.

What’s worse than fake news is fake religion. Making politics your religion will inevitably lead to the pitiful spectacle we’re now seeing from the left. I say, get a life, or better yet a Spiritual life in Christ, then you won’t come unglued when the political winds change. In fact, you might even change your political views.

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” C. H. Spurgeon

1-1-18 Me Too

What about the “me too” movement?

While the accountability that is finally coming to sexually abusive men is good, I do see a few problems.

The court of public opinion and its “guilty until proven innocent” approach can take on a lynch mob mentality. Not every case is the same and some discernment is in order.

Here comes a little theology. We are all guilty of sexual sin whether in thought, word, or deed. The question is degree and at what point does it become disqualifying?

A lustful thought should not disqualify, although some women can tell when they’re being undressed by a man’s eyes. Simply complimenting a women on her appearance should not disqualify; however if your words are sexually suggestive and you continue after being warned, it could be disqualifying. Ask Bill O’Reilly.

Some guys are a little too handsy with the ladies, like Joe Biden. That should not disqualify unless those hands move to inappropriate places. Unwanted kissing and groping should be disqualifying.

Other factors to consider: How old are the charges and to what degree? How many accusers? Is there any corroborating evidence? Is the timing and motivation suspect?

After years of defending the likes of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, I suspect that the Democrats’ newfound conscience concerning sexual abuse is largely political. They’re setting up the case against Donald Trump for 2020 or before.

The infamous Billy Bush tape and the women who claim that he did those very things to them is clearly problematic. Some believe that the president should step down; however, this was all known at election time and the voters still elected him, to the surprise of most everyone.

My opinion is: Tell me something that I don’t know. Donald Trump was a billionaire playboy for most of his life. His conversion to conservative Republican and subsequent influence from evangelical leaders has been fairly recent. I don’t think he’s the same man today as he was back then.

If we’re going to use the sins of one’s past or youth as a disqualifier, then most of Congress will have to go.

By the way, the ultra conservative policy of Mike Pence concerning women doesn’t look so ridiculous now.

God loves you and I’m trying.

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