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KREJ Program Schedule

Last updated June 23, 2023.

Programs in bold are locally produced.
Often short programs are aired multiple times but may only be listed once.

Streaming is available Monday - Friday 5 AM - 6 PM and Saturday and Sunday 5 AM - Noon. Click on “Listen Live” in the menu.

Content Switched

We have switched the content on KREJ and KSNS. That means that now you hear KREJ programming on 91.5 FM and contemporary Christian music on 101.7 FM.

Monday - Friday

Midnight“Allie”lujah - Allison Reed
1:00 AMPraise and worship music
4:00 AMInsight for Living - Chuck Swindoll
4:30 AMThe Eric Metaxas Show
5:00 AMAFN News
5:05In Touch - Charles Stanley
5:25My Money Life - Chuck Bentley
5:27Our Daily Bread
5:35Truth for Life - Alistair Begg
6:00 AMTurning Point - David Jeremiah
6:30Focus on the Family - Jim Daly
7:00 AMFamily Talk - James Dobson
7:25Joni & Friends
7:30FamilyLife Today - Dennis Rainey
7:58Mission Network News
8:00 AMAFN News
8:04Washington Watch
8:15Running to Win - Erwin Lutzer
8:30Poem of the Day - Wilma Kinser (M-F)
8:31Haven Today - Charles Morris
9:00 AMGrace to You - John MacArthur
9:31Unshackled! - drama
10:00 AMFocus on the Family - Jim Daly
10:30Revive Our Hearts - Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
11:00 AMEnjoying Everyday Life - Joyce Meyer
11:15Transforming Truths - The Father’s House of Worship
11:30Renewing Your Mind - R C Sproul
11:55AFN News
12:01 PMNew Life Live - Steve Arterburn
1:00 PM Faith & Finance - Rob West
1:30Core Christianity
2:00 PMThe Eric Metaxas Show
3:00 PMThe Eric Metaxas Show 2nd hour
3:20 PMvarious
3:45Science, Scripture and Salvation - ICR (Mon)
 Consider His Word - Arlen Payne (Thurs)
4:00 PMWashington Watch Live - Tony Perkins
4:55AFN News
5:00 PMKey Life - Steve Brown
5:15The Christian Working Woman
5:30Focus on the Family
6:00 PMMission Network News
6:05Tom’s Gospel Bluegrass Hour (Mon)
 Homecoming Radio - Bill Gaither (Tue)
  Christian by Grace, Cowboy by Choice - Gary Moore (Wed)
 Full Circle - Jerry Bryant (Thur)
 Homegrown - music from local artists (Fri)
7:00 PMAdventures in Odyssey - drama
7:30Unshackled! - drama
8:00 PMThe Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley
8:30Family Talk - James Dobson
8:53 PMBreakpoint
9:00 PMLove Worth Finding - Adrian Rogers
9:30 Truth for Life - Alistair Begg
10:00 PMHaven Today - Charles Morris
10:31 NightSounds - Bill Pearce
Uncle Gary


MidnightWorship with Andy Chrisman
1:00 AMPraise and worship music
5:00 AMCore Christianity Weekend
5:30 AMBreakpoint This Week
6:00 AM MoneyWise Weekend - Rob West
6:35God’s Great Outdoors - Gerry Caillouet
7:00 AMFocus Weekend - Bill Meyer
7:30Down Gilead Lane
8:00 AMLamplighter Theater
8:30Adventures in Odyssey - drama
9:00 AMFocus on the Family Radio Theater
9:30Parenting Today’s Teens - Mark Gregston
10:00 AMChannelMom - Jenny Dean Schmidt
10:30Issues in Education - Bob Boyd
11:00 AMJay Sekulow Weekend
11:30Washington Watch Weekend - Tony Perkins
NOONChristian by Grace, Cowboy by Choice - Gary Moore
5:00 PMChristian Music Rewind - John Michaels
7:00 PMGospel Jazz
10:00 PMComfort and Praise - Margaret E. Smith
11:30Sounds of Joy - Dave Freeland


MidnightWorship with Andy Chrisman
1:00 AMPraise and worship music
5:00 AMGrace to You - John MacArthur
5:30The Lutheran Hour
6:00 AMThe Old Fashioned Revival Hour - Charles E. Fuller
7:00 AMSounds of Joy - Dave Freeland
7:30History’s Greatest Sermons
8:00 AMThe CBF Hour - Dwain Richert
9:00 AM
Dr. Jonathan Stairs, Temple Baptist Church, Cambridge, Ontario
 Pastor Craig Trierweiler, New Hope Community Church, Traverse City, MI
 Dr. Craig Marshall, Grace Bible Church, Escondido, CA
9:45Consider His Word - Arlen Payne
10:00 AMThe Lutheran Hour
10:30First Christian Church, Live Worship - Tom Walters
NOONHomecoming Radio - Bill Gaither
1:00 PMTom’s Gospel Bluegrass Hour
3:00Southern Gospel Music
4:00 PMChristian by Grace, Cowboy by Choice - Gary Moore
5:00Psalm 95 - Kathy Bowman
6:00 PMThe Lutheran Hour
6:30Focus on the Family Radio Theater
7:00 PMAdventures in Odyssey - drama
7:30Unshackled! - drama
8:00 PMThe Alternative Weekend - Tony Evans
8:30Consider His Word - Arlen Payne
9:00 PMTrinity Evangelical - Douglas J. Enick
10:00Psalm 95 - Kathy Bowman
11:00 PMhymns and inspirational music

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