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Mike’s World View

Station manager Mike Henry writes a weekly column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

2-1-21 The Rationale

Why does the NFL take such great pains to get the call right? Because they know the game could be decided on a single play. So they will stop the game and have the play analyzed from every angle by league officials until they are confident the right call was made. They’re never afraid to reverse a call, even though one side will be upset, because they know that the integrity of the game is most important. Without it you will lose the fans and the game.

We could only wish that our politicians and judges had the same level of commitment to integrity. We just finished a presidential election where many believe that fraud made the difference. You only need 2-3% fraud in a few select swing state Democrat-run cities to throw the election. The mass mailing of ballots and lack of verification alone were enough to easily accomplish that. Despite all the evidence, officials refused to even look at it. They found it much easier and safer to just certify fraud than to risk the riots that would no doubt follow if election fraud was discovered and the results overturned.

That’s the rationale, and I understand it, but at what cost? When you lose the confidence people have in the integrity of their elections, you lose American democracy and end up with Communist-style democracy. They have elections in Russia, but a Putin win is never really in doubt.

You simply can’t have honest elections without honest people, and sad to say, we don’t have enough honest people left (or should I say on the left) to accomplish it.

Someone has well said that following the path of least resistance is what makes men and rivers crooked.

1-25-21 Don’t Give Up

I know it doesn’t look good for conservatives and Evangelicals right now, especially if they supported Trump, but don’t give up. These godless socialists will most likely overplay their hand, and we’ll have a good chance of voting them out in two years, that is if we can get a little election security in place.

When the working man sees his taxes and energy costs go up, his wages stagnate, and his buying power go down, he’ll remember the good old days of the Trump economy. Not even the propaganda media will be able to put enough spin on it to stop a resurgent MAGA movement.

Donald Trump may have only served one term, but he accomplished more in that one term than any two-term president ever thought about doing. He would be wise, however, to content himself with that and anoint someone else for 2024. Someone like Mike Pompeo, who was loyal to him and his policies to the end. If Republicans foolishly offend Trump supporters, they’re through, and you’ll see the rise of a new Patriot Party.

It’s now clear, even to those on the left, that big tech blatantly censors conservative speech, but not liberal speech. Nothing could be more un-American. That should qualify for antitrust enforcement, but don’t expect the Biden administration to do anything about it. They’re already in the pocket of big tech.

I think these big tech moguls will eventually get beat at their own game. Centi-billionaire Elon Musk has the ability (if he has the will) to build a whole competing bank of internet servers to facilitate free speech, and don’t forget there’s still radio and print media. We will not be silenced.

1-18-21 Crooks and Cowards

I think one of the worst things we’ve discovered in recent years is that our own FBI, CIA, and DOJ are politically corrupt and apply a double standard of justice, depending on which party you belong to.

Fired FBI director James Comey was the ring leader for all the shenanigans, but don’t think he acted without the approval of former President Obama. Take the blindfold off lady justice; she’s no longer blind when it comes to applying the law equally.

President Trump got rid of Comey, but not all of his cronies in the FBI. They proceeded to launch a bogus Russian collusion investigation that took the form of a soft coup against the President. John Durham has been investigating all of this for the last two years, but notice that no results were announced before the election. That information might have been helpful to the voter since Joe Biden was in on this Democrat scheme against Trump.

The failed impeachment attempt a year ago was based on a leaked phone call where Trump encouraged the new Ukrainian leader to investigate Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings with Burisma. As it turns out, the FBI was already investigating Hunter Biden for corruption. Information that would have taken the wind out of the sails of impeachment, but director Christopher Wray chose not to reveal it.

And election fraud, where the future of our democracy might be at stake; don’t expect the FBI to do any kind of serious investigation into it. They protect their own. It’s no wonder President Trump does not trust our intelligence agencies.

The events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6 were wrong, but not surprising. People can only take so much abuse before they strike back, but don’t worry, the crooks (Democrats) and the cowards (Republicans) are back in control. We’re no better than third world countries where elections are rigged and opposition leaders that dare to protest are prosecuted.

1-11-21 Freedom

We recently flew to Michigan for Christmas. As we deplaned and entered the parking lot, I took off my mask and shouted, “Freedom!” Where’s the balance between public health and personal rights?

As a Christian I have no problem wearing a mask. It doesn’t violate any Christian truth or principle. As a citizen, however, I do have a problem with it. The so-called health experts and elected officials do not have the right to subjectively and continually negate our constitutional rights. And spare me the settled science argument; experts do not all agree over the proper response to the pandemic.

Up until March of last year, all the experts agreed that wearing a mask did little or nothing to stop the spread of a virus. In fact, they said that it might even be harmful because it gives a false sense of security. What changed? New convincing data? No. President Trump decided not to wear a mask. There’s your answer.

My opinion is that mask wearing is largely symbolic and offers only a fig leaf of protection. People are constantly touching their masks and then touching things. It’s humorous to watch coaches wear their masks, only to pull them down to yell at players and officials.

I’m more afraid of the political effects of the coronavirus than I am of the physical effects. The left has already used this virus to defeat (although that’s questionable) a great president, and they will continue to use it to advance a socialist agenda.

America opened relations with China in the hopes that they would become more like us (free), but instead, we are becoming more like them (authoritarian). The experiment failed.

A Biden administration will not help the problem.

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