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Mike’s World View

Station manager Mike Henry writes a weekly column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

9-28-20 Ugly Bias

The O. J. Simpson trial and verdict years ago was a real eye-opener for me. How could 12 fair-minded, clear-thinking jurors find this man innocent of a vicious double homicide? And why did so many blacks (not all) cheer the verdict? The obvious answer is that they carry such deep-seated anger and resentment that it affects how they see any conflict involving black and white. Justice is impossible with people who carry such a strong bias.

All African Americans, or any other minority for that matter, can tell you of times when they experienced discrimination, whether real or imagined. But then we all do, at the very least, face difficult people who try to put us down. The question is, “How do we respond?” Do we play the victim and become bitter, angry, and vengeful toward others, or do we overlook it and take advantage of the opportunities before us to advance and become successful?

Obviously the latter is the best course of action to take. Some have the fortitude to accomplish that on their own, but I think it’s far better when you have the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to help. Then we can truly forgive people and go on unencumbered to greater things without that ugly bias.

We are all jurors in the court of life. May God help us to drop all prejudices and treat everyone equally and fairly irrespective of status or race. I believe that in every one of these incidences that have triggered racial unrest, you could switch skin color between cop and suspect and I would conclude the same thing. That’s being fair. Can you say the same?

Blacks and whites who think that they are justified in harassing people and looting and burning innocent businesses only hurt their cause and play into an ugly stereotype. Where are the black leaders to rebuke and correct them?

9-21-20 Integrity

The reason America has been able to achieve the peaceful transfer of power over its 244-year history is largely due to the integrity of its elections, unlike so many other countries where elections are rigged by those in power, but that is all in doubt today with the increasing use of mass mail-out and mail-in ballots (not to be confused with absentee ballots).

The main problem is outdated and inaccurate voter rolls. People die, people move, and some are not citizens and are disqualified. What happens to all those ballots that are mistakenly mailed out? I don’t think that the post office is the problem here. Postal workers are quite capable of delivering the mail. When’s the last time you had a letter lost in the mail? The problem is that these valuable ballots are out in the public where they could easily fall into unscrupulous hands. The voting booth, on the other hand, provides the necessary security.

It’s naive to think that people won’t cheat, especially when 25% in both parties believe that a victory for the other side poses an existential threat to the nation. Democrats have already demonstrated a willingness to lie, cheat, and steal as a means of getting rid of Donald Trump. Republicans are not exempt from the temptation, but less likely because most still hold to Christian moral values.

The mass mailing of national election ballots is a really bad idea. States had better think twice about doing it. Do you really want to be responsible for screwing up this election and creating a national crisis? Without integrity we lose our nation. John Adams said it best, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people; it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

9-14-20 MO

The Democrat Party will stop at nothing to win. Their latest MO (method of operation) seems to be elder abuse. They like to find an elder statesman with a good reputation and name recognition, but in mental decline, then prop him up to a position of authority where he can be easily manipulated. In other words, a front man.

We clearly saw this with Robert Mueller. No one knew how mentally diminished he was until he testified before congress about the investigation that bore his name. He simply provided cover for the anti-Trump deep state and their bogus Russia collusion investigation. No collusion was found, but they did use the opportunity to go after Trump supporters.

And how about Joe Biden? It’s even more obvious that this aging career politician is in mental decline, and not even Prevagen will help. Those of us that have cared for elderly parents can tell by the eyes. Joe had a reputation as a moderate, but that is all gone. He has renounced every moderate position ever taken over his long career. He’s now a pawn of the far left.

The proof of this is in the VP pick of California Senator Kamala Harris. She is the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate and completely malleable to the left wing of the party. She would most likely finish out Biden’s term if he should be elected. Joe has even admitted that he’s just a placeholder.

I noticed that the Democrats do not want to discus policy issues. Their message seems to be that Joe Biden is a nice guy and Donald Trump is not. Vote for Joe Biden. On issues like trade, jobs, the economy, immigration, and law and order, President Trump has the advantage. As the China virus wanes, so do the chances for a Biden/Harris victory in November.

9-7-20 Policing

As a kid growing up, my favorite TV show was Gunsmoke, on Saturday night. The big lumbering sheriff Matt Dillon had a lightning fast and deadly draw, but he never drew first. He always waited for the bad guy to draw first.

This principle still applies today. Police officers, with rare exception, never shoot first; they shoot only in response to life-threatening situations. When suspects resist arrest and start fighting with the police, they create a life-threatening situation. When we lived in Iowa, there was an incident where two cops were trying to arrest a black suspect, when he managed to get the gun away from one of the officers during a scuffle and shot them both dead.

Cops today face a nearly impossible situation. Because of the media and Black Lives Matter, many blacks feel that they have a right to resist arrest. This creates a very dangerous situation (regardless of color) for both cop and suspect. Attacking a cop in the line of duty is akin to shooting first.

I would like to ask these rich, spoiled, black athletes like LeBron James what they would do under the same life-threatening situations. I’m sure that James would be smart enough not to attack the cops, and that’s exactly what he should be telling his black brothers if he really cares. If this country is so awful, maybe he should move to China. He, along with the NBA, is already a pawn for the Chinese Communists. It might be a better fit for him.

Listen, tremendous progress has been made on race relations in this country since the days of segregation. I don’t know why some people are hell-bent on undoing it. My guess is that they are just miserable people who want to make others miserable, too.

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