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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He regularly writes a column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

4-30-18 Fair Play

How would you feel if the referees called ten fouls on your team for every one on the other team? You would boo those officials off the court and insist that they be reprimanded, or even fired. That’s how we feel as conservatives in the game of politics.

In sports, officials are at least expected to be fair. Bad calls are made, but they usually balance out. When an official realizes (with the help of big board replay) that he has made a bad call, he will often do what commentators call a “make up call” to even things out. We don’t see anything like that in politics.

I lay the blame for this on former President Obama, who politicized key government agencies like the IRS, NSA, DOJ, and FBI. After the IRS scandal with Lois Lerner went unpunished, all like-minded officials knew that they were free to exercise their left-wing bias in the workplace, and Obama would have their back. In other words, no consequences would come their way.

One little problem arose: Donald J. Trump was elected president and deep state plan B went into motion. A bogus investigation based on a bogus dossier with highly questionable surveillance was launched, designed to derail this president. Swamp draining is a very difficult and dangerous business. I don’t know for sure how it’s going to turn out, but if Congress can get all those subpoenaed emails (unredacted) from the FBI and DOJ, I think it will all backfire on these corrupt officials and Trump will win.

Back to my sports analogy. Most fans have enough integrity (except for maybe the Patriots) that they are not for winning at any cost and would not savor a victory gained by dishonest means. In the game of politics, sad to say, most liberals have no problem with it.

God loves you and I’m trying.

4-23-18 Syria

I don’t think that President Trump will get us majorly involved in the Syrian civil war. He apparently has made a commitment to respond militarily to any use of chemical weapons. The problem is that the enemy also knows this and can use it to their advantage. Keep in mind that the rebels are losing the war and are desperate to keep America engaged.

Whenever you hear the so-called experts say, “We are confident,” it simply means that they have no proof and are just giving their opinion. I’m sorry, but opinions aren’t good enough for military action. I recall back in 2004 when the experts were more than confident that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. How did that turn out?

Seven years ago Bashar al-Assad was the legitimate and largely respected leader of Syria. Rebels moved, no doubt taking advantage of the Arab spring, to overthrow him. What was he suppose to do: surrender, be executed, and let the rebels take his country? No! He’s going to fight back and try to defeat the rebels like any other legitimate leader would do. Yes, he may be a bit ruthless, but war is killing people. Arabs don’t seem to care as much about methods and collateral damage as we do.

One of my main concerns is how Arab leaders treat Christians and other minorities in their country. Assad gets high marks in that regard, and that’s why I hope he survives and defeats the rebels. The past actions of Bush and Obama have decimated the Christian communities in the Arab world. Hopefully Trump understands that and will chart a different course.

I’m not saying that we should do nothing and never get involved, but the question is this: Does our intervention make things better or worse? I fear that it’s more often than not the latter.

4-16-18 Thanks, Hillary

I would like to thank Hillary Clinton for being such a sore loser. It makes us glad that she’s not our president and almost guarantees that she never will be. Even her fellow Democrats wish she would just shut up and go away.

I don’t think she was ever qualified in the first place. Yes, she had experience, but in my opinion she was mostly unaccomplished as first lady, senator, and secretary of state. I don’t think she would have gotten anywhere without her husband’s name.

She was good, however, at fending off so called bimbo attacks against her husband, voting for the Iraq war, raising money for the Clinton Foundation, and getting Susan Rice to go out and lie about Benghazi. But her greatest accomplishment was getting Obama, Lynch, and Comey to clear her of criminal charges on the private email investigation. The fix was clearly in; anyone else (especially a Republican) would have been indicted.

Hillary Clinton not only sacrificed national security for her political ambitions (Do you really think Russian intelligence couldn’t hack her home brew server and iPhone?), she also sacrificed the reputation of the FBI and DOJ in the process. The more we learn, the worse it gets. No one deserved to lose that election more than Hillary Clinton.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should reopen the investigation and prosecute her according to the law. Then after Hillary spends her first day in jail, President Trump should pardon her. That would be a fitting end to the career of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Don’t you just love justice mixed with mercy?

4-9-18 No Shame

Anderson Cooper and the Trump haters at CNN apparently think they can damage or even bring down the president by doing Jerry Springer type interviews with women Trump allegedly had affairs with over a decade ago.

Yes, it’s embarrassing for the president and Mrs. Trump, but I think it’s even more embarrassing for the women, Anderson Cooper, and CNN. These ladies admit to having sex with a married man, were well paid for their silence, then break the agreement to go on national television and shamelessly give details about the affair. I think that’s worse than prostitution. Anderson Cooper is no journalists; he’s just a pimp for the left.

President Trump should simply admit: Yes, I had affairs with these women years ago; I thought we had paid them enough to keep quiet about it, but apparently not. I got outbid by CNN. I’ve apologized to my wife; that’s not my lifestyle today. I’m now focused on doing my best as president for our country.

As for how I square all of this with my evangelical faith: We vote for a president not a saint. There’s only One perfect person and He’s ascended. Our political choices in the nasty now and now are always a lessor of evils. Donald J. Trump is certainly a man with many flaws, but compared to Hillary Clinton, he’s a saint.

So, get off his back you Trump haters and let him work. You’re really afraid he might succeed.

3-26-18 It Must End

I heard someone say concerning the latest school shooting, “It must end.” I’ve got news for you, it’s not going to end until we deal effectively with the following issues.

1. The breakdown of the family. These shooters had no father to guide and direct them. Both church and state must promote marriage (not anything goes) for the sake of our children.

2. Bullying at school. This poor kid (Nikolas Cruz) was bullied every day of his life at school. Instead of protesting the NRA, these kids should be apologizing for the way they treated their classmate.

3. Violence in the culture. Gratuitous violence depicted in films, video games, and gangster rap can’t help but have a negative influence on our young men. Plus, the abortion culture teaches: if someone (like a little baby in the womb) gets in your way, kill them!

4. Notoriety given mass shooters. I cringe every time there’s a mass shooting and the media goes into nonstop coverage. They are only inspiring the next copycat killer. Actually, more kids are shot and killed in south Chicago, but the media barely covers it because it exposes the failure of liberal policies.

5. Failure of government employees to do their job. We see something and say something and then officials do nothing. Why do we need more laws and regulations when we can’t enforce the ones we already have?

6. The availability of guns. Yes, I concede this is a problem. The 2nd amendment has resulted in 300 million guns in America. How do we keep those guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies? Private owners must properly secure their guns and the ATF must keep up to date records on those disqualified from possessing firearms.

7. No foundation for morality. We have misinterpreted the separation of church and state to mean that God must be kicked out of everything public. We then teach our children that life is simply the result of random mutation and natural selection over millions of years with no God required. If that be true, then what difference does it make if I shoot the place up or not?

School shootings will not stop until we make some progress in these areas. Let’s get to work. God loves you and I’m trying.

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