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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He regularly writes a column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

6-1-20 Shutdown

I think it’s time for a second opinion on the Wuhan virus response. Other experts (the ones censured by the internet) now see the shutdown as more harmful than the virus itself. The continual scare tactics from the left do not square with the facts.

According to the latest data, those under age 60 and in good health have no greater chance of dying from the corona virus than from the flu. That fact alone should green-light the reopening of the economy with safeguards in place for our vulnerable population.

The negative consequences of this shutdown, like job loss, debt, anxiety, fear, addiction, abuse, suicide, and the foregoing of routine medical care are far worse. Liberals are releasing prisoners and arresting hardworking people trying to reopen their businesses. It’s crazy.

Conservative states that have reopened are not seeing catastrophe, but you won’t hear about that on the evening news. The last thing that Democrats (some anyway) want to see is a booming recovery this fall just ahead of the presidential election. It’s a nice thought that the corona virus should rise above politics, but not reality.

It’s scary to me when liberals start talking about science. It’s more often a front for their agenda. I can just hear the left-wing wheels a-turning, “Let’s get Biden elected, convince him (which wouldn’t be hard to do) that climate change is just as dangerous as the corona virus, and get him by emergency executive order to force a disastrous green new deal on America.”

5-25-20 Hell

The son of the late President Ronald Reagan recently said in an ad for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, “Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in Hell.” It’s easy to talk big on this side of the grave, but it might be another story on the other side.

Let’s face it: life is a mystery, and I’m amazed by how few are interested in the answer. Naturalism/atheism is one explanation for life, and the one that Ron Reagan accepts. If life is merely the result of natural processes over millions of years, then there’s no God or eternal judgment to fear. Ron is simply being consistent with what he believes, or so he says. There might be other issues going on in his mind and heart.

If Jesus Christ is God, and He’s the only one who makes a serious claim to the title, then we have an authoritative voice on the subject of the afterlife. You can call Him a liar if you like, but that carries with it a serious risk to your eternal soul.

I would like to introduce Ron Reagan to the rich man of Luke 16: 19-31. He was living a happy, hedonistic life without any thought of God’s judgment and ended up in Hell. He said in verses 24, 27, 28, “Father Abraham, have mercy on me … for I am tormented in this flame … I beg you therefore, father, that you would send him [Lazarus] to my father’s house, for I have five brothers, that he may testify to them, lest they should come to this place of torment.”

This seems to be more than a parable since Jesus names Lazarus and describes a relationship between the two. This is a rare and eye-opening glimpse into the afterlife from two real-life people. Since Jesus often used hyperbole, are the flames of Hell to be understood as literal? I don’t know, but you don’t want to find out. You can either believe Ron Reagan, “not afraid of burning in hell,” or the rich man, “I am tormented in this flame.”

The good news is we need not suffer that fate. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

5-18-20 China

What do we do about China? We know that they are trade cheaters and manipulators, but this Wuhan virus fiasco is something else. Liberals need to engage the right side of their brain and realize that China, not Russia is our greatest threat. The leak of this highly contagious and deadly virus was probably an accident, but covering it up and allowing it to spread early on wasn’t.

China trade has clearly made our elites wealthy and prices here cheaper, but at what cost? Well, the loss of manufacturing jobs in America, for one. Trump’s “America First” policy is an attempt to deal with the problem. But far worse than job loss is the loss of freedom. China is exporting its corrupt totalitarian practices to us. Those who have sold their soul to China must never speak ill of the Regime. Big tech allows China to censor the internet. Hollywood dutifully edits their product to suit China policy. The NBA rebukes any of its personnel who dare to speak out against Chinese human rights abuse. Many in business and education turn a blind eye to the routine theft of intellectual property.

I think we need to stop feeding the monster and create a new, tough policy toward China. How about a new “Made in America” movement? A new favorite word of the left is “essential.” How about making sure the production of essential goods is done here in America? We can’t afford to be dependent on China for anything.

Another thing we can’t afford is Joe Biden as president, and that might be what the willful spread of this virus to America was all about: hurt the Trump economy and get Biden (who’s already bought and paid for) elected.

5-11-20 Preaching Good

While some of our politicians are saying, “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and are using the current pandemic to advance their agenda, I see many of our preachers (in a good way) doing the same, using the pandemic to advance the work of the Lord.

I have opportunity now with stay-at-home church to hear 3 to 4 messages on Sunday morning through radio and internet, and I have never heard our preachers preach better. Their messages are full of comfort, hope, and challenge straight from God’s Word. Plus, people have “ears to hear” given the extraordinary circumstances we’re going through. Who would have thought six weeks ago that 25 million people would lose their jobs. Pastors are finding creative ways to minister to those both in and out of the church.

I’ve seen Reverend Franklin Graham more than once on national television humbly and sincerely sharing the simple message on salvation in Christ Jesus. It was also great to see those Good Samaritan tents go up in Central Park. How sad that some in New York City wanted his ministry removed because they hold to Biblical views on sexuality and marriage. I guess they would rather die than receive help from evangelical Christians.

This pandemic will serve as a test. For our country: Will we defend and preserve civil rights and a free market economy against the advance of godless socialism? For the Church: Will we stay true to the Gospel message and use new, creative ways to communicate the Truth? And for individuals: Will we now see the importance of trusting in God and not our possessions? How quickly lives and livelihoods can be taken.

5-4-20 Threats

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made a shocking threat recently at a pro-abortion rally on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. He called out the two justices appointed by President Trump by name and made a mafia-like threat: “You will pay the price … You won’t know what hit you.” Imagine if Senator Ted Cruz made the same threat against two liberal justices. There’s one thing you can always count on from the left – hypocrisy.

Schumer has since apologized for his poor choice of words, claiming that his threat was political and not physical. The problem with that is there are no political consequences for Supreme Court justices, since they are appointed for life. Chief Justice John Roberts rightly rebuked Schumer for his dangerous rhetoric. Such language could inspire some crazy to take action. Just ask Representative Steve Scalise. I hope no one wants to see the assassination of our public officials, but I’m not so sure.

Schumer’s warnings should be taken seriously. He was absolutely right when he warned Trump in 2017 that intel officials, “have six ways from Sunday at getting you back.” Before he was fired, FBI Director James Comey set in motion a bogus investigation, based on a bogus dossier, that dogged the Trump administration for the next two years. Let’s hope for the sake of the nation that they don’t get away with it.

Liberals claim to have such great compassion for those at the end of life (the elderly and infirm) that they’re willing to shut down the economy indefinitely to save them, but they have no compassion on those at the beginning of life (little babies in the womb). The abortion mills must keep running even in a pandemic.

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