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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He regularly writes a column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

8-20-18 Punching Back

The left-wing media reminds me of the bullies in the movie “Witness” who routinely picked on the Amish until the day when Harrison Ford, dressed like an Amish man, punched them out. I probably shouldn’t confess this, but I love that scene.

Republicans, like the Amish, are just expected to take the biased double standard from the left, but Trump steps in and says, “Let me show you how to deal with these clowns.” The liberal media whines and carries on, because they’re not used to getting their nose bloodied by a President who punches back. Many of us Deplorables think it’s about time. Trump may be overly brash and crude, but we forgive him, because he’s fighting for many of the things we believe in as Evangelicals and conservatives.

Former President Obama may have been popular, but his liberal policies weren’t. The lap dog media failed to pick up on that, but Donald Trump sure did and exploited it. It’s hard to see how Democrats can beat him on issues like taxes, trade, regulation, immigration, foreign policy, and standing for the national anthem. Trump hate can only take them so far.

Liberals are afraid that the harsh rhetoric will lead to violence. Ya, like what happened to Rep. Steve Scalise? I believe he was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who was targeting Republicans. More Trump supporters have been harassed than vice versa. On some college campuses the riot police have to be called out to restrain the Antifa thugs whenever a conservative comes to speak.

It’s okay to fight back, but let’s be sure to do it with words (preferably respectful dialog) and votes, not violence. Amen?

8-13-18 Love

I sometimes use the tag line “God loves you and I’m trying.” It’s not original with me; I saw it on a bumper sticker many years ago in Florida. I like it because it honestly describes the Christian life and sometimes struggle.

God truly loves us, and if you have any doubt about it, you need only read the Gospel accounts of the amazing life of Jesus Christ. Love ultimately led Him to endure the agony of the cross where he made the perfect, once-for-all sacrifice for sin. I don’t know what more He could do to prove His love. He now offers us the greatest gift of all, eternal life through simple faith. You can’t get that on Amazon.

It’s not hard to love a God like that, who willingly laid down His life for us. The problem is this business of loving my neighbor as myself, or even more challenging, to love my enemies. How am I going to love people I don’t even like?

The simple answer is that in the flesh I can’t, but in the Spirit I actually can. Jesus gave us the key when He simply said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” All I need to do is remind myself of all the sins I’ve been forgiven, and then apply the same grace to those who sin against me. It really works, even if their sins are greater than mine, which probably isn’t the case. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him.

We hear the amazing stories of Christians in Muslim countries who love and forgive the people who burn down their homes and churches, sometimes with people in them. We even have an example locally of Gary and Emmajo forgiving the man who robbed and beat them. That’s the power of the Gospel. The greatest power of earth.

Love is simply (as Warren Wiersbe says) a decision to treat others the way Christ has treated me. That’s rational, practical, and in the Spirit, doable. God loves you, I’m trying, and in Christ succeeding.

Supporting Scriptures: Heb. 9:12, Mk. 12:31, Lk. 6:27, Jn. 15:12

8-6-18 Hypocrites

I’ve never been very impressed with the “I’m not a Christian because of all the hypocrites” argument. I think it’s just an excuse. If your faith is based on how Christians treat you, then it’s only a matter of time before you quit.

Now, it is important that we see something of the life-changing power of the Gospel in the lives of others, but to hold every Christian to a standard of perfection relative to me is both unwise and unrealistic. Our Christian faith should rest on the sure foundation of the Word, the finished work of Christ, and the promises of God.

I have had Christian friends, family, and parishioners greatly disappoint me (lie, cheat, steal, gossip, backbite, etc.) through the years, but my faith is not based on their behavior. My faith is rooted and grounded in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Remember the old hymn “I Must Tell Jesus”?

I daresay that 90% of the Christians I’ve known in my life, from a variety of churches, are genuine, and I would trust them with everything I have. That’s a beautiful thing. The other 10% are either lacking in spiritual maturity or lacking The Holy Spirit.

We must understand that Christian maturity is a process. Just this week I had to apologize to my wife for a harsh word. We should all be making progress, but perfection awaits the life to come.

We should never use the sins of others as an excuse for our own. Mom used to scold us boys, saying, “You don’t worry about your brother; you worry about yourself.” Mom was right.

7-23-18 Abortion

The abortion issue has clearly not been resolved in this country, so I don’t see how it can be considered settled law. The thought of not being able to dismember innocent little babies growing in the womb is driving the left into a frenzy. Good.

I became solidly pro-life many years ago after seeing the film Hidden Holocaust. Early on, abortionists did not properly dispose of the bodies. The film showed piles of dead babies. I can still see their little faces. I vowed then never to vote for a pro-abortion candidate. For every coat hanger you show me, I’ll show you 100,000 dead babies.

Emmett Till’s mom opened the casket for her son’s funeral. She wanted the world to see what racism in the South looked like. Good for her. The Holocaust Museum displays graphic pictures of how the Jews were treated under Nazi Germany, lest we forget. Pictures of aborted babies might make a difference for some, but most will look away, undeterred. America, I’m afraid, has gotten a taste for blood, and there’s no turning back.

The rationale behind abortion is that it’s necessary in order to correct a fundamental unfairness in nature (God’s creation). To them, it’s unfair that pregnancy should result from promiscuous sex, and it’s further unfair that the woman is the one who has to carry and deliver the baby. Abortion is essentially rebellion against God’s design of procreation. Pro-lifers, on the other hand, are willing to accept God’s plan and work with it. My wife and I (in our 40’s) got surprised with our 4th daughter. She turned out to be a real blessing. Give the little ones a chance. There are families who want those babies.

The frenzied left needs to calm down. Most likely Roe will not be overturned, and you’ll get to keep slaughtering babies in the womb. Some reasonable restrictions, however, may be in the offing. Good grief, even European countries ban late-term abortions.

7-16-18 Using Scripture

I’m happy to see that Holy Scripture is being appealed to in the immigration debate because I believe that it is the highest authority in life. The problem is this: Because of man’s fallen sin nature, Holy Writ can be subject to misinterpretation and misapplication.

You may recall that Satan used Scripture against our Lord in the wilderness temptation (Luke 4:8-12) and Jesus countered by correctly using Scripture against him. That’s what we should strive for. The danger for all of us, even the devout, is that we make the Word of God subject to our opinions, when it should be the opposite.

Some have concluded that since the Bible can say anything that you want it to say, it says nothing at all and should be dismissed. That’s a little too easy. The Word is Truth, but it must be humbly and diligently sought. Most of the Bible is clear to the honest reader. Mark Twain used to say, “It’s not what I don’t understand about the Bible that bothers me, it’s what I do understand.” Billy Sunday would bluntly tell people, “The contradiction is not in the Bible, the contradiction is in your life.”

I think Attorney General Jeff Sessions has correctly applied Ro. 13:1-5 to the immigration debate. New Testament Christians were never taught to be lawless. Our Lord unbelievably submitted Himself to the wicked Jewish authorities and the corrupt Roman authorities. What an example; of course, ultimately He was submitting to the will of God the Father.

So, what about all of the love and compassion verses used to support illegal immigration? We would argue that you must not separate truth and love. Strict enforcement of our immigration laws is ultimately more compassionate because it deters parents from sending their children on a treacherous journey where they are subject to all kinds of terrible abuse.

If you believe that your country is too dangerous, then by all means apply for asylum and get in line, but be warned, if liberals continue to coddle criminal aliens, America may not be any safer than where you came from.

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