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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He regularly writes a column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

2-24-20 Foreign Policy

I like good illustrations like the following. A little girl asked her mom why she cut both ends off the ham before putting it in the pan. She did it because that’s what her mom did and her mom before her. They finally asked great-grandma why she cut the ends off the ham and discovered that she did it because the pan was too short.

The illustration has broad application. Sometimes we continue practices when the reason for them has long passed. “Why do we do it this way?” is a good question to ask.

That’s exactly what President Trump is doing regarding America’s foreign policy, and the deep state bureaucracy doesn’t like it. It’s worth noting that the failed impeachment effort was launched by deep state officials over foreign policy differences.

Trump believes that

  • Foreign aid should be conditional and limited.
  • NATO should pay its fair share.
  • Our troops should come home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Conflicts like Syria should be resolved by nations in the region.
  • China, not Russia, poses the greater threat.
  • America should maintain energy independence.

Foreign policy admittedly is complex, but I think President Trump’s instincts are good. He wants to kill terrorists and protect Americans without getting us into another war. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lets Trump be Trump, while at the same time offering good counsel and guidance. I trust them to make the right decisions. I sure don’t trust Democrats like Joe Biden, who former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates said was wrong on nearly every major foreign policy issue in the last 40 years.

2-17-20 Prayer

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she prays for the president all the time. The question is: “What exactly does she pray, given her obvious vitriol?” I doubt if it’s anything good. A friend of mine said that President Trump should have gone up to her at the National Prayer Breakfast, patted her on the back, and said, “Thank you for praying for me; God has answered with a great economy, dead terrorists, acquittal on impeachment, and my best approval rating ever. Keep praying.”

The problem we all have with prayer is that we too often pray, “My kingdom come, my will be done,” instead of, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” James 4:3 describes it well, “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” Paul tells us why we should pray for those in authority in I Tim. 2:2, “that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”

The Gospel can certainly grow in times of adversity, but I think it grows best when there’s peace, prosperity, and freedom. America has proven that, at least up until now.

We must immerse ourselves in the Word of God before we can pray aright. Praying for others should include their health, safety, salvation in Christ, spiritual growth, obedience to the Word, and chastening when necessary. I’m not sure Nancy Pelosi has a Biblical understanding of prayer. For her I would simply recommend the Serenity Prayer, especially after November.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

2-10-20 Motives

The Senate Republicans mercifully put an end to the impeachment fiasco and acquitted President Donald J. Trump of all charges. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats hoped to put a permanent stain on the Trump presidency, but I think it will all wash clean with a landslide victory in November. History should judge this as a purely partisan political impeachment without sufficient evidence, that failed and should not be tried again, but I’m not so sure. Honest, fair-minded liberals like Alan Dershowitz, sad to say, are a dying breed.

I did watch some of the impeachment proceedings in the Senate. Most of it was boring and repetitious, but I did think the debate over motives was interesting and at the heart of the matter. As Warren Wiersbe used to say, “The heart of every problem is the problem of the heart.” Is it possible to do the right thing for the wrong reason, or do the wrong thing for the right reason? Yes, it is.

Democrats ascribe 100% wrong (political) motives to the president’s actions with Ukraine, but Republicans rightly point out that there are always mixed motives in our actions, especially in the realm of politics, and that’s not necessarily wrong. Since politicians answer to the voters, they should consider how their decisions affect their own political fortunes. Hopefully, they will put the country first and have the courage of their convictions regardless of the polls.

For President Trump, the Ukraine situation was a win, win. It was right for him to render aid to defend against Russian aggression (something Obama and the Dems were unwilling to do), and it was right for him to ask the new administration to clean up the corruption. It just so happened that the Bidens were suspect in that corruption, as Pam Bondi so ably detailed during the trial.

It appears the impeachment has backfired on the Democrats. It ended up helping President Trump and hurting their last, best hope to defeat him, Joe Biden. Curses, foiled again!

2-3-20 Immigration

As a child, I remember my mom getting really mad at my dad. My dad liked to look around while driving. One day he ran into the back of a lady’s car hard enough to shake everyone up. Mom was mad that he wasn’t paying attention, but even madder that he seemed to show more concern for the woman in the other car than for her. I think he said to her, “Oh, you’re OK.” She was right to be mad. Their marriage didn’t make it long term.

The left-wing Democrats seem to care more about helping illegal immigrants in this country than they do about helping our own poor and needy citizens, and that’s why they’re losing support. Have you ever seen a pie of the U.S. budget? Social welfare programs are bankrupting our nation. We don’t have the money to care for our own poor and needy, let alone a flood of illegal immigrants.

Don’t think it’s compassion when Democrats support open-border, unrestricted immigration. They have to replace all of the blue-collar voters they’re losing through their radical policies.

I am not anti-immigrant. I have two foreign-born sons-in-law. One immigrated here from Venezuela. He has tried, at great pains, to maintain legal status and is now working toward citizenship. He is learning English and working full-time to support himself and now his wife. He’s the kind of immigrant we want in this country. When he finally gets his citizenship, he’ll probably have a greater appreciation for America than most natural-born citizens.

It’s the illegal, anti-America, presumptuous (you owe me) immigrants that we don’t want.

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