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Coffee with Mike airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on KREJ and KSNS at 8:30 AM and re-airs on KREJ at 5 PM. Station manager Mike Henry shares Scripture, community birthdays, announcements, trivia, and station news, and discusses current events. He regularly writes a column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

8-19-19 Repent

Yes, I suppose that politicians on both sides should tone down the rhetoric, but political rhetoric is not the cause or the cure for the problem of mass shootings, although I should mention that at least three Democrat candidates for president have talked about doing physical harm to President Trump.

God knows all about the problem of violence; He actually destroyed the world in the days of Noah because of it (Gen. 6:11-13). He has since established three institutions to restrain such, namely: the family, the church, and the government. When all three fail, you have tragedy.

Nearly all of these mass murderers are from broken homes without a positive father influence. They have, for whatever reason, rejected the church. Sadly, too many churches have abandoned the life-changing message of the Gospel. Our government foolishly disincentivizes marriage and restrains the influence of the church under the guise of separation of church and state. Plus, they promote every type of sexually deviant behavior and provide no restraint on violent video games, music, and movies. I’m not surprised by these shootings; I’m surprised there’s not more.

Our founders knew that the pillars of religion and morality were essential for a government that champions freedom; without it we will simply self-destruct. We are seeing today the wholesale rejection of God’s commandments (moral law). These people are smarter than God; just ask them.

Some wonder, “Where’s God in these shootings?” Well, He’s in heaven wondering what it’s going to take for us to repent and return to the proper (ordained) function of the family, church and government. We reap what we sow.

8-12-19 Assurance

Is it presumptuous for a person to say, “I know for sure that I’m going to heaven”? Some, even Christians, think so.

A generation ago the late D. James Kennedy formulated two very probing questions. The first: If you were to die tonight, do you know for sure that you would go to heaven? The typical answer is: “I hope so,” or “I don’t think anyone can know for sure.” The second question: If you were to die and stand before God and He were to ask you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?” what would you say to him? The typical answer unfortunately is, “I’ve tried to be a good person.”

These are not just trick questions; while not foolproof, they do reveal where a person’s at spiritually and what they understand about salvation. If we are trusting in our own goodness for all or even part of our salvation, we would have every reason to doubt. If, however, we are trusting completely in the finished work of Christ and the promises of God, we have no reason to doubt.

Of course, we don’t know, in the sense that we’ve never been there; here we walk by faith and not by sight. This assurance comes from the Spirit of God affirming the Truth of the Word of God in our hearts, causing us to sing, “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! O what a foretaste of glory divine!”

Some of the confusion may have to do with the difference between salvation and reward. The Bible teaches that the saved will be judged for the purpose of reward, while the lost will be judged for the purpose of punishment. It would be presumptuous of me to think that I will receive great reward in Heaven for my service here, since we all fall short.

God, nevertheless, has promised to reward us for our faithfulness. I love what our war heroes always say after receiving their medals, “I only did my duty.” That’s the right attitude. Let’s trust the finished work of Christ completely for our salvation and then live in such a way that the Lord will have something to reward in Heaven one day.

8-5-19 Space

I think one of the most impressive sights from the 50th anniversary of the moon landing was seeing that human footprint in the dust on the surface of the moon. There was some concern that if the universe was really 3-5 billion years old that the lunar module would sink into 25 feet of lunar dust, creating a serious problem for landing and takeoff. Surprise, surprise, there was only 2-3 inches of dust on the moon’s surface, which is in keeping with the 6-10 thousand year Biblical timetable for creation.

We certainly admire the brainpower, teamwork, and courage it took to accomplish the mission. The risk was so great that President Nixon had prepared two speeches: one if they made it and one if they didn’t. That’s probably how we all ought to live: ready to live, and ready to die.

There were some good technological benefits that came from the space program, but what did we really learn about life’s origin, destiny, meaning, and purpose? Nothing. I’m not sure the cost/benefit factor is there for future space exploration. I think it’s a matter of “been there, done that.” Do we really need more moon rocks? Climbing the mountain because it’s there is not a good enough reason. If some billionaires want to spend their money on space travel, fine, but I think there are better ways for our already overextended government to spend its tax dollars.

If we are exploring space in order to find evidence of a naturalistic evolutionary origin, then it’s a fool’s errand. Psalm 19:1 tells me all I need to know about outer space, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” I do, however, believe in space travel. It’s called the Rapture. “Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.” I Thess. 4:17

7-29-19 Heritage

We are seeing a dangerous trend from the new radical left: the wanton destruction of historical murals and memorials in America. We know from history that whenever this starts happening, persecution follows. That’s why we need to expose and oppose it.

It’s ridiculous to try to impose modern politically correct values on the colonists of early America. I think they did a remarkable job of forming a government that Lincoln described as, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Of course, they didn’t get everything right, most notably slavery, but the wiser among them knew that you could only fight one war at a time. The Revolutionary War first, the Civil War later.

We must dispel the notion that everyone who loves America’s Christian heritage is bigoted and racist. Our forefathers laid a solid foundation for us to build upon, and that can and should be appreciated. A nation that twice elected a black president can hardly be racist. I’m not saying that there’s no racism in America, but most of the modern-day alleged incidents have been shown to be false.

There are awesome opportunities for minorities in this country (especially with the Trump economy) and that’s why immigrants and refuges want to come here. They’re not wanting to go to Muslim countries. The problem is that we can’t take everyone in.

If we are to preserve America, we must preserve her heritage and oppose the reckless destruction of historical memorials. Beware of the so-called “woke” left. The right needs to wake up as well, lest this government of the people, by the people, and for the people, perish from the earth.

7-22-19 Joe Biden

“Joe, say it ain’t so,” is the business Joe Biden is getting from the “woke” left. He has had to renounce and apologize for the moderate positions he has taken over a very long political career. Things like supporting the Hyde Amendment (no govt funding of abortion) and being too friendly with Republicans.

The only reason Joe is leading in the polls is name recognition. His party clearly doesn’t want an old, straight, white guy as their nominee. Some political analysts believe that the left wing of the party, along with the liberal media, will take him out. I think they’re right. It might not be that hard to do since Joe was never the brightest guy in D.C. and is well past his prime. The Obamas no doubt will simply watch him dangle in the wind. So much for loyalty.

The Democrat party is rapidly becoming a socialist party; just listen to their candidates. The jackass is a fitting symbol for this party. They not only want open borders with no criminal penalties, but full government benefits for those who enter illegally. Why? Well, they need to replace all the hard working middle class voters they’re losing with such extreme policies. Don’t kid yourself. They want non-citizens voting in our elections; that’s why they oppose any voter ID laws.

If next year’s election comes down to socialism vs. capitalism, it’s hard to see the Democrats winning, but anything can happen. Churchill said it best, “Capitalism is the uneven distribution of wealth, while socialism is the even distribution of poverty,” except for the ruling class, I might add.

President Trump will face the usual quite formidable foes: the deep state, Hollywood, academia, the main stream media, and a new one: big tech. The social media overlords have decided to be proactive in next year’s election. Guess on which side? It could get interesting; watch and pray.

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