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Station manager Mike Henry writes a weekly column “Mike’s World View” for The Gyp Hill Premiere; these are the most recent articles. Comments are welcome; please email us using our contact us form.

5-17-21 The Truth

Why did China seal the records of the Wuhan Research Lab? Why have scientists who worked there disappeared? Why is the Biden administration not interested in these questions? I think we know why. China wittingly, or unwittingly, released the virus on the world, and Joe Biden owes his election win to it.

Why does social media ban or cancel anyone who questions the legitimacy of the 2020 election? Why does the media try to destroy the credibility of anyone who dares to investigate voter fraud? Because they know Joe Biden won by only 41K votes in 3 key states, and that a serious audit or investigation would show far more fraud than that.

Why did MLB punish Georgia by moving the All-Star game from Atlanta because of a bill requiring voter ID? Because they were intimidated by the radical left that stole one election and wants to do it again.

Why does Hunter Biden get away with his corrupt behavior, while Trump associates are entrapped, raided, and charged by the FBI? Because these powerful government agencies were weaponized for political purposes by former President Obama and remain so to this day.

Will all this corruption continue, or will the truth begin to penetrate and destroy the lies? Someone has well said that a lie travels around the world while the truth is still lacing up its shoes. Hopefully we’re finally laced up and ready to go.

5-10-21 Lawlessness

This “woke” radical left, which unfortunately our new old president has bought into, is doing great harm to our nation. The disrespect now being shown police officers is disgusting and dangerous. Morale is low; cops are quitting, retiring, or afraid to arrest a bad guy because they might be the one going to jail.

How one unfortunate incident in Minneapolis led to a major disruption in law enforcement is straight out of the Marxist playbook. These leftist DAs in our major cities are busy defunding the police and releasing criminals, with predictable results. They are not affected by the increase in crime because they live in upper-class neighborhoods with their own security. It’s the urban poor who need police to help control crime who get hurt.

The popular TV show “Cops” was pulled from the air right after the George Floyd incident. That was wrong. “Cops” showed what police do 99.9% of the time. They are heroes-to-the-rescue on difficult and sometimes dangerous 911 calls. I say, “Bring that show back, as well as respect for our police officers.”

If I was a Bible-prophecy teacher, I would certainly cite II Thess. 2:7-8 as a sign of the last days, “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.”

Are we near the end? I don’t know, but I do know that we’re closer than anyone else has ever been.

5-3-21 Feigned Compassion

The apostles, afterward, wised up as to the true motives of Judas Iscariot. Jesus, of course, knew all along, just as He knows our true motives. John wrote (12:5-6) concerning Judas when he asked, “Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor? This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money box; and he used to take what was put in it.” Judas feigned compassion, but his true motive was greed.

Republicans are beginning to wise up concerning the true motives of Democrats on immigration. They don’t care about these poor immigrants; they’re only using them for political gain. If they can turn Texas blue through illegal immigration like California, then they’ll be in power for the next 40 years. That’s what this is all about.

Democrats and their lapdog media had a fit about kids in cages on the border during the Trump administration, but now conditions are far worse under Biden/Harris, and you don’t hear a peep out of them.

If there was a big wave of right-leaning Polish immigration do you think the Democrats would be so welcoming? I doubt it; they would probably be doing all they could to block it.

Border control of immigration is the right and responsibility of any sovereign nation. What would you think of someone who came to your place uninvited and started making demands? It’s too bad that we have politicians who care more about their political power than about the welfare of the nation. Let’s vote them out the next chance we get. They’re the ones with the D after their name, which is close to the grade I would give them.

4-26-21 Police Shootings

Shootings get a lot of attention today, especially if they fit the left-wing agenda.

An unarmed protester at the capitol protest/riot was shot and killed by police on Jan. 6th, but the media was OK with it because she was a Trump supporter. Imagine the response if an unarmed black woman was shot and killed at a BLM protest/riot. Do you think we would know the identity of the officer? He would probably be charged the next day.

Apparently, some lives matter more than others. Black on black crime in our major cities in one weekend total more fatalities than police shootings of blacks for the whole year, but those lives don’t seem to matter. Why? Because that would expose the failed policies of the Democrats who run those cities.

Police have to make split-second decisions when dealing with a potentially armed suspect resisting arrest. Sometimes they make the right decision; sometimes they don’t. How would you do? It’s easy to watch the video and second-guess.

The recent video of a 13-year-old shot and killed by police in Chicago is a prime example. The officer thought the boy was drawing a gun on him, when he had ditched the gun a millisecond before raising his hands. One black commentator lamented, “Where was this boy’s father to teach him not to go out on the street at night with a gun?” That’s the problem. Fatherless boys and girls.

Maybe our government should take some of the billions of dollars they waste and use it to incentivize fatherhood. Oh, I forgot, the Biden administration has banned the terms “mother” and “father.”

4-19-21 Party Picks

How did two losers like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rise to the level of president and vice president of the United States? Well, for one thing they did so by dishonest means. A blatantly biased big tech, big business, and big media, plus unverified mass mail-in voting being the main reasons.

When I call them losers, I’m referring to their own runs for president. Prior to 2020, Joe Biden had 2 failed attempts as a presidential candidate. His big break came when Obama picked him for VP. Obama needed a moderate with lots of experience who would not outshine him. Biden was the perfect choice. He then used that fame to successfully run for president.

Kamala Harris, though much younger, similarly failed in her own run for president. As I recall, she dropped out before the first primary with less than 2% of the vote. Gender and color are more important than qualification to Joe Biden. He foolishly committed to picking a woman (preferably of color) as a running mate and Kamala Harris was the best he could do. That’s how we ended up with two losers running the country. They were party picks, not the people’s choice, unlike Donald Trump who won the nomination on his own. He was clearly never the choice of party leaders.

I find very little to commend in our current president. He claimed to be a moderate that would unite and heal the nation. That was a lie. He has abandoned every moderate policy he ever had in favor of the radical left. Some think it’s senility, but I don’t. He’s just an old, corrupt, self-serving politician without core values.

The next two years are going to be scary. “Trump hate” seems to be the only policy these people have, and we’re beginning to see the fruit of their folly. But hold on; they will lose big in next year’s mid-term election, and 2024 should be real interesting.

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